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A fresh start. Again.

Sipping a new brew of coffee, hot and steamy, I’m sitting down to finally say hello. Again. The world of blogging is not new to me, but something has always come up that sparked a brighter fire. I have kids. I run a business… You get the picture. But there is something that always draws me back… I’ve often struggled with what to say, what to post. As you may know, I love pen to paper. I scribble out the cacophony of thoughts and emotions onto a page to find calm. To spill it open and dissect it. To better understand myself; my processes, my struggles, my blessings. But here I am, back into blogging with new resolve. With renewed purpose. This will be a blog of me spilling open. This will be a space for random creative energy; both in word and image. The intent is that this will become a massive vision board- changing, evolving, and (hopefully) inspiring.